And the winner is… -Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid


Mitsubishi_Outlander_PHEV _-1-5A green car – the decision has been made

After the test runs I made with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid and the calculations I made on the economy and the comparison I made to other cars it is now decided that I will buy a Outlander as my company car. Buying a diesel car could have been an option but the cars in the same size and with all-wheel drive loses on a much higher tax value, a higher fuel consumption on the routes I will be driving and it also feels right with a plug-in hybrid in this "protect the environment age".

Today I have been to Thunbergs car, a car dealer in Söderhamn and signed the lease for the car. I chose the GXh3+ model since the GXh3 model I was going for would not arrive until February 2016 which would mean that I would get a lower Plug in Car Grant support from the Government. In Sweden it will be lowered by half in 2016. The GX4h model also has full leather seats which I don't like, I think it will be too cold in winter and too hot in summer. GX3h and GX3h+ models only have leather on the sides of the seats while middle part is of a different fabric, which Mitsubishi calls Comfort Tech. It is a functional material which Mitsubishi claims to be neither too cold during cold days or too hot during hot days. I like that better, we'll see how it works in reality. However, I have to wait to pick up the car since the winter tires that I ordered separately have not arrived yet. All I could do was to stare longingly at the car in car showroom. At the end of next week I should have the car and more updates on the blog are coming after that.

My car is now available on the Thunbergs car in Söderhamn


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Photographer Hudiksvall, Photographer Söderhamn

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