Month: February 2016

True MPG Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


Mitsubishi_Outlander_PHEV_tanka-1 Fuel consumption Outlander PHEV

466 mile driving and 7UK gallon of petrol consumed.

For 14 days I have been driving with my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV between my work in Soderhamn, about 15 miles (one way) and some longer trips at 45 miles. During this time, the temperature was very low, around 12-23 degrees C below zero all the time ( 5 to – 9 deg F). To Soderhamn I can drive on pure electricity but since it is winter and cold I need to varm the cabin in the car. I usually preheat the car for 20 min before I leave which keeps the warmth for 9-12 miles when it’s that cold, but then I have to start the ICE to get heat in the cabin again. That means the ICE needs fuel even though I theoretically would not need to run on any fuel. In summer, this will probably not be a problem. So after 14 days, it was time to refuel for the first time again. I filled it up with 7UK gallons, resulting in 65 MPG. I think that is OK, considering the given temperature those days and the size of the car, an SUV on almost 2 tonnes. It can only get better when the temperature outside rises.

MPG at 155 miles without charging

I have now made a trip between my home and Arlanda airport and back, a trip of about 310 miles in total. The temperature during this trip was around 0 deg C (30 F) On the way down I did run out of battery as expected. On the way back I had to drive without electric power (except for short periods when the battery was charged in descents and braking). The route was mostly highway at speeds around 60-75 mph I had the ECO mode button which limits how much power the engine get when I press the gas pedal. During this trip the MPG ended up at approx 33 MPG